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Keeping a Handle on Portion Sizes

Obtaining success in losing weight means not only being able to reach your weight loss goal but also to keep…

Obtaining success in losing weight means not only being able to reach your weight loss goal but also to keep the weight off. Weight loss maintenance is often even more difficult than losing the initial weight. One way you can aide your efforts; however, is by learning how to control the amount you eat with portion control. Read on for more tips to help you learn how to keep the weight off by keeping taps on how much you consume.

Leftovers can be a huge stumbling block for many dieters and those who are trying to keep the weight off. Many times we simply dump whatever is left onto our plate and then dig in the next day. Instead, why not try dividing everything out into individual containers, using single servings? This can help to ensure that you don’t accidentally eat more than you intended.

If you’ve ever sat down to a meal with good intentions only to realize afterwards that you’ve overeaten, you know how dangerous this can be to your weight loss plans. One way to curb this problem is to eat a small salad before your actual meal. Not only will you be giving your body healthy vegetables it needs, but you also won’t be as likely to overeat foods that can be dangerous to your diet.

It is also important to give some thought to the types of foods that you tend to eat too much of. For many people this includes chips and other types of foods that are commonly eaten straight out of the bag or container. Take the time when you come home from shopping to divide everything out into smaller serving sizes using zip-loc bags and you can nip this problem in the bud before you destroy your diet.

When you find yourself getting hungry between meals and giving into temptation for foods that are definitely not on your diet plan, try eating several smaller meals per day instead of three large meals. Many people find success with six small meals to prevent becoming so hungry that they either overeat at the next meal or sabotage their diet with snacks in between meals.

For many people, seconds can spell disaster. If you find that you’re simply too tempted to give in and place seconds on your plate after dinner, try changing how you serve your meals. Keep the dishes and pots on the range and off the table. In the length of time it takes to make the trek from the table to the stove for seconds, you’re more likely to consider the consequences of your actions.

Carbs or Fats?

Not sure whether you should be eating fat or carbohydrates to improve your level of exercise? It can be a confusing matter to discern, especially when there is so much information available on the subject and all of it seems to point toward different answers.

There are actually several facts you should keep in mind when determining which types of food are best when taking on an exercise routine. Of course, when you’re exercising to lose weight, you’ll need to keep your weight loss plans in mind as well; however, provided that your diet plans do not include or exclude certain types of food, you should also remember that your body needs protein as well as fat AND carbohydrates. These three items provide what many experts refer to as the building blocks for your body to obtain the fuel it needs to perform at its best. These nutrients are converted directly to energy.

Above and beyond how these three nutrients work together, they also each contain unique properties that are important on their own as well. For example, fuel is important for providing fuel for your body when working out with exercise that is low intensity in nature for extended periods of time. Protein is equally important to helping your body to repair tissue and keep it in good form while carbohydrates are important for fueling moderate and high intensity levels of exercise.

It is also important to keep in mind that the human body cannot store the fuel produced by these nutrients for long periods of time. So, you need to create fuel on a continual basis while you’re exercising. This fuel is known as ATP and there are three ways in which your body converts the three major nutrients to ATP.

Two of the most important factors determining how nutrients are converted to ATP include the duration of the activity as well as your intensity level. Therefore, you need to give some thought to how long you’ll be working out and the type of exercise you’ll be engaging in when deciding whether it is best to eat fats or carbs for your workout routine. Keep in mind that for high intensity level exercises, carbohydrates provide the main nutrient to the fueling process while low intensity workouts are fueled mainly by fat. Fat is also good for when you need to maintain endurance.

As with any diet and exercise routine, always be sure to speak with your physician first to ensure the diet and exercise regimen are suitable for your current health condition.

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