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How to avoid negative thinking

It is so easy when you are trying to lose weight to simply revert to negative thinking and go back to eating junk. There are so many things which affect our eating patterns and negative thinking is definitely one of them! In fact, negative thinking is the main reason why many people find it so hard to actually lose weight and often it is extremely hard to avoid it. So just how do you avoid negative thinking?

The best ways to avoid negative thinking

There really is no easy way of stopping negative thinking and it will take time to change it, but it can be done.

Generally negative thinking is extremely destructive and it can cause a person to over eat and overindulge in foods which they know they simply should not be having. When we feel low all we feel like eating is junk food. We long for chocolate, crisps and takeaways anything that we can find comfort in to take these negative thoughts away. However, it never works and we often end up feeling a lot worse than we did to start with! So, by controlling the negative thoughts we should be able to successfully stick to our healthy eating plans. Or at least that is the theory.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings

One of the best ways to change negative thinking is to write down what you are actually feeling. People always find it easier to control their feelings if they actually understand them. After all, how can you possibly change something that you have no clue about? Often we feel bad yet we cannot really explain why and we tend to put it down to past events.

Most people believe that they cannot change what has happened in the past and so they do not try to. That is where the problem usually lies. You might not be able to change what has happened in the past but you can change how you react to it now, it is juts hard to do. So, by writing your feelings down and understanding what triggered the emotions and how you coped with that feeling (for example eating a bar of chocolate), you will learn to understand how to control those feelings the next time you encounter them.

Encourage yourself

Many people cannot get their head around this, but often complimenting yourself and saying to yourself that you are a worthwhile person does actually help to stop negative thinking. You may feel a little silly and you may not be entirely comfortable with praising yourself at first, but in time you will learn to think a lot more positively if you actually acknowledge the good things you have achieved in life and the strength it took to get through various things.

By congratulating yourself and remembering the good things that have happened to you, it gives you motivation and strength to carry on and think a lot more positively.

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